About ETL Aviation Flight Training School

Echelon Right, LLC d/b/a ETL Aviation is a premier helicopter flight training school located in Lexington, Kentucky.  The school uses the Schweizer 300CB helicopter for all flight training.  Brad Fenster is the owner and primary flight instructor for ETL.   Shark Aviation is the sister company to ETL. 

Brad Fenster



Brad Fenster is the owner and primary flight instructor for ETL Aviation. Brad is a pilot with the heart of a teacher. In addition to instructing, Brad has written several aviation books to include, "The Helicopter Study Guide" and "Guide To Seaplane Flying." Prior to becoming a flight instructor, Brad was in the U.S. military. Brad served in the U.S. Navy as a Special Warfare Combat Craft Crewman (SWCC) and in U.S. Army National Guard as a Ranger-Qualified Infantry Officer. Brad lives in Nicholasville Ky with his lovely wife Tammy.
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Training Helicopter

Schweizer 300CB / 269-C-1

300CB Helicopter

We use the Schweizer 269-C-1 or 300CB helicopter for training. The helicopter is an excellent platform for helicopter training. Originally designed for the training U.S. Army helicopter pilots, it is a great choice for primary flight training. The helicopter is safe, reliable, and easy to fly. Being such as stable platform reduces the amount of time it takes students to become solo, and ultimately get their ratings. Unlike the Robinson Helicopters, there is no SFAR for the Schweizer 300. Check our our Fleet tab to learn more about the Schweizer.
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Shark Aviation

ETL Aviation Sister Company

Seaplane Operations

Shark Aviation is the sister company to ETL Aviation. Both companies are part of Echelon Right, LLC. Shark Aviation provides seaplane tours and training in a Cessna A185F on EDO 3500 amphibious floats. Although it is fixed-wing, seaplane operations have a lot of commonality with flying helicopters. Unlike most airplanes, seaplanes often perform off-airport landings. Like helicopter pilots, the pilots of seaplanes have to determine the suitability of the landing without the conveniences of a registered airport.
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