Professional Helicopter Pilot Training Program

The Professional Helicopter Pilot program is designed for a prospective pilot that has little or no initial flight time.   In layman’s terms, this is the “Zero to Hero” program to get enough helicopter flight training to become employable as a helicopter pilot.

Our Helicopter Professional Pilot Program combines the Helicopter Private Pilot Course, Helicopter Commercial Pilot Course, and Helicopter Instrument Rating CourseHelicopter Flight Instructor (CFI), and Helicopter Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) into a single training program.

This combination provides the recommended training for someone wanting to pursue a career as a professional pilot but at a lower cost than taking all the courses separately.  The cost savings are obtained as some of the training may overlap or be conducted at the same time, such as some commercial training will also include instrument training.

  • Professional Program – Standard Length:  200 hours flight time, 60 hours ground instruction. 
  • Professional Program Includes:  Private Pilot, IFR Rating, Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII
  • Professional Program – Fixed Cost: $97,500.00 (200 x $465,00 + 60 hours ground))

Professional Helicopter Pilot Program Questions

No.  You need to have a commercial helicopter rating to be compensated for being a helicopter pilot.  Our professional program includes that if the commercial rating and Certificated Flight Instructor and Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument.  In addition, we take help the student refine their skills to included advanced manuvers and off airport operations. 

The Professional Helicopter Pilot program is a commitment.  Flying at least 2-3 times per week, a student pilot should be able to complete the program in 14-24 months.  

This depends. If you already have existing flight time with existing ratings, you may be a better candidate for an individual add on rating. If you don’t have significant flight time, it will not impact this course, but will help you overall in your piloting career as you will have more total time. We will gladly discuss your options with you to determine the right course of action to maximize your training budget.

In addition to everything in the commercial program, Professional Program includes the Flight Instructor and Flight Instructor Instrument.