ETL Aviation Contact Information

Below is our contact information for ETL Aviation.   Let us know if you have any questions about  helicopter flight instruction or any of our other services.  We do not have a full time receptionist, so we may not answer the phone, so please leave a message.  We will return call and emails within 24 hours.  

Call Us

(859) 800.7080



4464 Gumbert Rd
Lexington, KY 40510


We would love to hear from you.  

Questions & answers

Our office hours are generally 9AM-5PM.  However, we are a small school, so when we are flying, we may not be available.  Please schedule an appointment if you want to meet in person. 

Shark Aviation and ETL Aviation are both part of Echelon Right, LLC.  Shark Aviation is our seaplane business.  Shark Aviation operates a Cessna A185F on EDO3500 amphibious floats.  

We do not have a full-time receptionist.  If we are out flying, we are not able to answer the phone.  Please leave a message.  We will return your call.  Alternatively, you could email us at

Yes.  We welcome visitors.  However, we strongly recommend that you contact us first to ensure that we are physically there to greet you.  We do not have a full-time receptionist, so we may be out flying or at the office or hangar (which are at separate locations).   Most people would like to see the helicopter that we use for training, so it is likely you will visit us on the WestLex side, where the helicopter is hangared, not at our office. 

Yes.  Our helicopter hangar is located at the WestLex complex across from the Keeneland racetrack.