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How to Pay for Helicopter Flight training

Paying for Helicopter Flight Training AT ETL Aviation, we understand that flight training is expensive.  Learning to fly helicopters is a commitment in time and money, but it is extremely rewarding.  Obtaining a pilot rating is a major achievement for most people.  As the old joke goes, “How do you…

ETL Aviation's tug for towing the training helicopter at Blue Grass Airport

ETL Aviation Gets a New Tug

ETL Aviation acquired a new (new to us) tug for towing the Schweizer 300CB training helicopter to and from the hangar at Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, Kentucky. The Tug brand tug is rated for 7000lb tow bar capacity. Although we could tow a 737, it makes easy work towing the…

N725A Schweizer 300CB or 269C-1 helicopter used for flight training with ETL Aviation

ETL Aviation Purchases 300CB helicopter

ETL Aviation purchased a Schweizer 300CB helicopter to use for flight training. The Schweizer is an excellent platform for helicopter training. The origin of the 300CB was the Hughes TH-55. The TH-55 was used as the primary training helicopter for the Army from 1969-1988. “We really like the safety of…

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ETL Aviation helicopter flight training school logo

ETL Aviation Gets A New Logo

ETL Aviation gets a new logo for the flight school.  ETL Aviation provides helicopter flight training in the Central Kentucky area.   The new logo tries to incorporate an aviation theme with…

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Helicopter Study Guide Published

This guide provides an excellent review of key material to help the helicopter student pass their check ride. The guide uses a question and answer format, with expanded explanations. This…