Helicopter Flight Training Cost

Most of our flight training is available in the following pricing options:

Helicopter Flight Training Pricing Questions

Yes, you can change from the pay-as-you go pricing to a fixed-price later.   

We provide fixed pricing for helicopter training for two primary reasons.  1)  Many people don’t complete their training because they run out of money, or don’t know what it will cost.  We remove this burden as we give a clear cost of the training.  2)  Providing a fixed cost allows us plan our schedule as we don’t have to wonder if someone will be flying this week. 

We provide several different payment options.  As the name sounds, our Pay-As-You Go options allows you to pay for each flight after the training is completed.  Our Fixed-Price Courses require payment up front. 

If you have trained elsewhere and would like to finish up a rating with us, we require at least 10 hours of flight time with us for each rating you are attempting even if you have previously meet regulatory minimums.   


The answer is the a helicopter has more life-limited parts. For example, a training airplane’s primary moving parts are the engine and propeller.  With the helicopter, these would include the engine, main rotor system, transmission, tail rotor.  The rotor systems are also much more complex, with requires more maintenance.  As a result, the parts are more expensive.  Lastly, there are not as many, so the cost to manufacture helicopters parts is more per unit produced.