Most of our flight training is available in three pricing options:

This options allows you to pay for your training after each flight or ground lesson.

  • Flight Training:  $375/hour (includes instructor when dual)
  • Ground Training:  $60/hour

Most courses we provide a fixed price.  This option allows you to know what your training cost will be for that course.  The “per hour” rate is lower.

Some of the key highlights for fixed price courses. 

  • The fixed price courses are based on a rate of $325/hour.
  • Payment is due in full before training is conducted for fixed cost courses.
  • Students have up to two years to complete training.

Our Current Fixed Price Courses

Recreational:  $11,375.00 (35 x $325)

Private:  $22,750.00 (70 x $325) see note 1

Commercial:  $16,250.00 (50 x $325) see note 2

Professional Pilot Program: $48,750 (150 x $325)

Custom Program: quoted at $325/hour

Note 1: If you obtain your rating prior to the 70 hours, you can continue to fly the remaining hours.

Note 2: A minimum of 150 total flight hours is required for a commercial rating. If these perquisites have not been meet, additional hours can be added at $325, or combined with another rating, such as IFR)

Students and pilots have the option to join the flight club and pay monthly dues and a lower rate per hour for the aircraft rental. 

  • Initiation Fee:  $1,000.00
  • Monthly Fee:  $100.00
  • Rental Fee per hour: $300.00 (includes instructor when dual)