Schweizer 269C-1 or 300CB flight training helicopter

ETL Aviation Helicopter

Schweizer 300CB Model 269C-1

Description:  The 300CB from Schweizer RSG is a piston powered two-seat helicopter with a high-inertia, three-bladed main rotor and two-bladed anti-torque tail rotor.  The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming 180 horsepower HO-360 air cooled engine.  Engine power is transmitted through a belt-drive system to main transmission and tail rotor shaft.  An overrunning clutch permits autorotation without driving the belts of engine.

Power plant: Lycoming HO-360-CIA, 180HP at 2700 rpm
Fuel Capacity: 35.2 U.S. gallons (35.0 usable)
Fuel type: 100/130 or 100LL
Oil Quantity: 8 quarts
Electrical System: 24V


Maximum Weight: 1,750lbs
Maximum Cabin Weight: 600lbs
Empty weight: 1,101lbs (N725A: 1,137 w/o heater / 1,165 w/ heater)
Maximum Operating Altitude:

  • Hovering ceiling: 4600ft density altitude
  • Takeoff/landing: 8,000ft density altitude
  • Enroute: 10,000ft density altitude

Rotor Speed Limitations (Power OFF)

  • Minimum rotor speed: 390 RPM
  • Maximum rotor speed: 504 RPM

Rotor Speed Limitations (Power ON)

  •  Minimum rotor speed: 442 RPM
  •  Maximum rotor speed: 471 RPM

Engine – Rotor Disengaged

  • Engine idle speed: 1200-1600 RPM
  • With rotor disengaged, do not exceed 1600 RPM.
  • Initial clutch engagement 1500-1600 RPM

Engine – Rotor Engaged

  • Minimum engine RPM: 2530
  • Maximum engine RPM: 2700
  • NO momentary overspeed allowed
  • Maximum continuous power: 180 horsepower at 2700 RPM
  • Oil pressure operating range: 55-95 psi (redline 115)
  • Oil temperature operating range: 100-245 degrees F (redline 245)
  • Cylinder Head Temperature Operating range: 230-450 degrees F (redline 500)

Key Speeds

  • Autorotation speed: 52 knts
  • Best rate of climb (Vy): 41kts
  • Run on landing speed 36 kts maximum
  • Normal approach: 53 knts

Never Exceed Speed (Vne)(1)

  • Doors off operations Vne: 90kts IAS
  • Maximum Vne 94kts

Other Items

  • Solo from the right seat only
  • Operation in IFR conditions prohibited
  • Controllability demonstrated in 17kts winds (any direction)
  • No leaning of mixture in flight
  • Fuel consumption: 12GPH (N725A)
  • Max range: 230NM 
  • Best range cruise speed: 63 kts 
History:  The origin of the 300CB was the Hughes TH-55.  The TH-55 was used as the primary training helicopter for the Army from 1969-1988.  The design was purchased and produced by Schweizer for several years.  The type certificate was sold to Sikorsky in 2004.  In 2018, the type certificate was sold to Schweizer RSG and returned to production.

ETL Aviation uses the Schweizer 300CB for all Helicopter Flight Training.  The 269C-1 helicopter is a safe, and easy-to-fly platform for flight training.