Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When most people ask this question, they want to know the minimum required.  The Recreational Pilot Rating has the lowest time requirements.  The Recreational rating can be achieved in approximately 35 hours, with 30 being the regulatory minimum.  We include an additional 5 hours for actually taking the checkride.   The most common initial rating is the Private Helicopter Rating.  The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours for the Private rating.  However, students generally take between 50-70 hours to obtain a private helicopter pilots license.  The primary factor is the time devoted to flight training.

We also find that student that use our fixed-price courses finish sooner as they have removed the concern over funding, or the cost of an individual flight.  Learn more about our pricing options for flight training here.

We take the guess work out of the cost to obtain your helicopter licenses.  We provide many of our flight training courses at a fixed price, so there are no surprises.  The cost of the of our various helicopter training courses are listed on our pricing page.

We provide fixed pricing for helicopter training for two primary reasons.  1)  Many people don’t complete their training because they run out of money, or don’t know what it will cost.  We remove this burden as we give a clear cost of the training.  2)  Providing a fixed cost allows us plan our schedule as we don’t have to wonder if someone will be flying this week.   The cost of the of our various helicopter training courses are listed on our pricing page.

We provide several different payment options.  As the name sounds, our Pay-As-You Go options allows you to pay for each flight after the training is completed.  Our Fixed-Price Courses require payment up front. 

For the Fixed-Price courses, you have two years from the start of training to complete the course that has been purchased.  The pay-as-you go and member options do not have a time limit as the hourly rate is subject to change. 

The answer is the a helicopter has more life-limited parts. For example, a training airplane’s primary moving parts are the engine and propeller.  With the helicopter, these would include the engine, main rotor system, transmission, tail rotor.  The rotor systems are also much more complex, with requires more maintenance.  As a result, the parts are more expensive.  Lastly, there are not as many, so the cost to manufacture helicopters parts is more per unit produced.  

Our primary flight training helicopter is the a Schweizer 300CB.  This helicopter is an extremely safe training platform.  Learn more about our the Schweizer 300CB helicopter.