Helicopter Flight Experience 

This introductory helicopter flight lesson is a great experience.  It is the recommended first step for anyone that is considering learning to fly helicopter.  No prior flight time is required.  

Prior to the flight, your flight instructor will go over key aspects of the helicopter controls.  ETL Aviation uses a Schweizer 300CB/CBi helicopter.   During the flight, you will be on the controls.  You will actually fly the helicopter.   The lesson starts with some air work in the helicopter where you will perform such items as climbs, descents, and turns.  After the air work is completed, you will return back to the airport and will spend some time practicing hovering the helicopter.  

Introductory Helicopter Flight Questions

You will be introduced to how the helicopter controls work.  Then, shortly after the flight begins, you will get to try your hands on the controls.  You will even get to try to hover the helicopter. 

The standard flight time is 1 hour in length.  However, we can go longer if you so choose.

Yes.  You get to fly try your hands at the controls under the supervision of a helicopter flight instructor.

No, but most people enjoy trying to fly the helicopter.

The cost for the intro flight is $575 and includes up to one hour of flight time and thirty minute ground lesson.  If you would like to continue the flight, it is $496/hour thereafter. 

We technically do not give “rides” but you are welcome to conduct an introductory flight.  The primary difference is that you will be with a flight instructor.  Taking an intro flight does not require any commitment to take flight lessons beyond the initial lesson. 

Our helicopter is hangared on the WestLex facility at the Blue Grass Airport. The entrance is across from Keeneland. The address is below, along with an image of the area. You will meet your instructor in the big building at the end of Gumbert Road.

Blue Grass Airport – WestLex Facility
4464 Gumbert Rd
Lexington, KY 40510

(Turn at the Stoplight across from Keeneland Gate 2, and follow the small road with a fence on each side, until you reach Gumbert road. Or turn directly onto Gumbert road from U.S 60)

ETL Aviation at WestLex - Blue Grass Airport