Commercial Helicopter Services

ETL Aviation provides helicopter services such as aerial survey, inspections, and more. Please contact us with your needs.

Helicopter Aerial Survey 

We use the helicopter to help the client conduct survey of the their land, animals, plants, etc.  Contact us if you have survey work that you believe could be accomplished with a helicopter.  

Aerial Inspections Using A Helicopter

Sometimes driving to a location to conduct an inspection can be difficult.  In these cases, a helicopter can be used to transport personnel to a location to inspect various items.  If you have areas that you have difficulty getting inspectors, let us know.  

Aerial Photography via Helicopter 

Nothing beats and aerial view.  Yes, drones can do a lot now days, but seeing something from the air with your own eyes is beneficial.  Examples would be to review construction projects and other areas from the air.  

Other Helicopter Services

There are many other services that can be done with a helicopter.   If you have something. in mind, contact us and we can discuss your specific needs.  

Questions About ETL Aviation Commercial Helicopter Service


At present, we can take one passengers in our Schweizer 300CB helicopter.  If you need more caring capacity, let use know as we have relationships with other providers that have more capacity.  

No, we are not a 133 authorized provider.   If you need this type of work in Kentucky, we can put you in contact with a provider that does.  

Contact us for specifics, but we charge $425/hour for commercial operations.  

No.  At present we are not a part 135 charter operator.   

At present, we only have one base of operations, Lexington, KY.  For small jobs, we presently limit our work to Kentucky and surrounding states due to the logistics and expense in moving our helicopter.   However, if you have a larger job, please contact us as we are willing to work outside of these limits for larger engagements.