FAA Updates the Helicopter Flying Handbook

The Helicopter Flying Handbook is designed as a technical manual for applicants who are preparing for their private, commercial, or flight instructor pilot certificates with a helicopter class rating. Certificated flight instructors may find this handbook a valuable training aid, since detailed coverage of aerodynamics, flight controls, systems, performance, flight maneuvers, emergencies, and aeronautical decision-making is included. Topics such as weather, navigation, radio navigation and communications, use of flight information publications, and regulations are available in other Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) publications.  The FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook is a key resource used throughout many of our helicopter training courses.    

Although the content has not dramatically changed in this edition of the Helicopter Flying Handbook, the organizations of the content has changed, including new diagrams and other descriptions. Even if you have the old version, as a helicopter pilot it is good to have the most current version of the FAA guidance and materials.

The FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook, FAA-H-8083-21B, is organized in the following chapters. Although you can jump to any section needed, a new helicopter pilot learn by starting from the first chapter and going through the whole handbook.

Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Helicopter
Chapter 2 – Aerodynamics of Flight
Chapter 3 – Helicopter Flight Controls
Chapter 4 – Helicopter Components, Sections, and Systems
Chapter 5 – Rotorcraft Flight Manual
Chapter 6 – Weight and Balance
Chapter 7 – Helicopter Performance
Chapter 8 – Ground Procedures and Flight Preparations
Chapter 9 – Basic Flight Maneuvers
Chapter 10 – Advanced Flight Maneuvers
Chapter 11 – Helicopter Emergencies and Hazards
Chapter 12 – Night Operations
Chapter 13 – Effective Aeronautical Decision-Making

We include the helicopter flying handbook, along with other resources for helicopter pilots here.   If you know of any other aviation resources that we should add, please contact us.

We use the FAA Helicopter Flying Handbook throughout our Helicopter Flight Training courses.  Although we recommend a hard-copy for studying, having an electronic version is great for a reference.