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ETL Aviation Awarded Distinguished Flight School 2024.

ETL Aviation wins Distiguished Flight School award

For the second year in a row, ETL Aviation received the Distinguished Flight School award from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).  AOPA is the world’s largest aviation association and conducted a Flight Training Experience Survey of over 800 flight schools. ETL Aviation was one of a few flight schools to receive the Distinguished…

IFR Study Guide Helicopter and Airplane

IFR Study Guide

The IFR Study Guide is a primary resource for airplane and helicopter pilots to prepare for their instrument checkride. The IFR Study Guide was written by ETL Aviation’s Chief Instructor, Brad Fenster.

FAA Legal Interpretation on Instrument training for Commercial Helicopter Rating

FAA Legal Interpretation on Instrument training for Commercial Helicopter Rating

FAA issues legal interpretation that clarifies that instrument training for commercial rating must be completed in a helicopter or helicopter simulator.

This legal interpretation clarifies that if the training occurs in a helicopter, or with a device or simulator that replicates a helicopter, that training may count towards the five hours of instrument aeronautical experience required under 14 CFR  61.129(c)(3)(i). However, instrument training performed outside of a helicopter and without a flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device that replicates a helicopter cannot count towards the five hours of instrument aeronautical experience that is required under 14 CFR 61.129(c)(3)(i).

FAA publishes Aviation Weather Handbook FAA-H-8083-28

FAA Publishes Aviation Weather Handbook FAA-H-8083-28

In December 2022, the FAA publishes Aviation Weather Handbook FAA-H-8083-28. This handbook replaces several weather-related advisory circulars. The following advisory circulars are being replaced and will eventually be cancelled. This handbook conforms to pilot weather training and certification concepts established by the FAA. The discussion and explanations reflect the most commonly used weather products and information.

Paying for Helicopter Flight Training image

How to Pay for Helicopter Flight training

Paying for Helicopter Flight Training AT ETL Aviation, we understand that flight training is expensive.  Learning to fly helicopters is a commitment in time and money, but it is extremely rewarding.  Obtaining a pilot rating is a major achievement for most people.  As the old joke goes, “How do you know who in the room…

ETL Aviation Gets a New Tug

ETL Aviation acquired a new (new to us) tug for towing the Schweizer 300CB training helicopter to and from the hangar at Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, Kentucky. The Tug brand tug is rated for 7000lb tow bar capacity. Although we could tow a 737, it makes easy work towing the 1750lb helicopter around.

ETL Aviation Purchases 300CB helicopter

ETL Aviation purchased a Schweizer 300CB helicopter to use for flight training. The Schweizer is an excellent platform for helicopter training. The origin of the 300CB was the Hughes TH-55. The TH-55 was used as the primary training helicopter for the Army from 1969-1988. “We really like the safety of the Schweizer 300 platform, and how easy it is to teach new students. We use the 300CB for all of our helicopter flight training program at ETL,” said owner and primary flight instructor Brad Fenster.

ETL Aviation helicopter flight training school logo

ETL Aviation Gets A New Logo

ETL Aviation gets a new logo for the flight school.  ETL Aviation provides helicopter flight training in the Central Kentucky area.   The new logo tries to incorporate an aviation theme with the rotating “swoosh”.   For those new to helicopter, the ETL in the name stands for Effective Translational Lift.  The ETL logo will fit nicely on the fuel tank of the Schweizer 300CB helicopter.