Helicopter Study Guide for Checkride Preparation

The ETL Aviation owner and primary instructor published the first edition of the Helicopter Study Guide for checkride preparation.  This guide provides an excellent review of key material to help the helicopter student pass their checkride. The guide uses a question and answer format, with expanded explanations. This format is helpful for student preparing for the oral portion of the checkride. This edition is written for the private pilot, but contains useful information for all pilots.

he Helicopter Study Guide originated as notes and other material from the founder and primary flight instructor of ETL Aviation, Brad Fenster. When Brad started training in helicopters, he found that there was not a lot of material focused just on the helicopter, or the material was really complex. So, Brad decided to solve the problem and create a study guide that provided clear and understandable answers to various helicopter flying topics, with expanded explanations for reference and further study. The Helicopter Study Guide is organized in the following sections.

  • Aerodynamic Principles
  • Flight Conditions / Maneuvers
  • Performance
  • Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Airport / Heliport Operations
  • Weather / Atmosphere
  • Weather Services
  • Navigation / Airspace
  • Aeromedical Factors
  • Risk Management
  • Pilot Certificates
  • Action Items
  • Aircraft Specific Data
  • References

The content of the Helicopter Study Guide can be accessed online.  However, we recommend that students have a hard copy of their study materials as well.  If you would like to order a copy of the Helicopter Study Guide, it is available on Amazon.  

As this material was written by the primary flight instructor as ETL Aviation, the material and contents are used throughout our flight training.   We highly recommend this guide for our students to prepare for their helicopter checkride.    In addition to this guide, we provide several other resources for helicopter students our website under the resources tab.    If you have any other resources that you think we should add, please let us know.  We are always looking to improve the material we provide to our students and others.