ETL Aviation's tug for towing the training helicopter at Blue Grass Airport

ETL Aviation’s New Helicopter Tug

ETL Aviation acquired a tug to tow the training helicopter, a Schweizer 300CB, to and from the hangar at Blue Grass Airport.  The tug required a little bit of work to get is fully functioning.  Below are a few pictures of the progress from delivery, to paining, to actual use with the helicopter.   The new tug makes it easier for us to get the helicopter out of the hangar and on the flight line ready for flight training.  
Sanding helicopter tug bluegrass airport Lexington Kentucky
Primed helicopter tug bluegrass airport Lexington Kentucky
painted helicopter tug bluegrass airport Lexington Kentucky

At the time of this writing, we have not given the tug a name, but are considering many options.  If you have a suggestion, let us know at  Some information about the tug is below.  

Make:  Tug

Model:  MA70

Engine: Ford 6 cylinder

Fuel:  Propane 

The new may be overkill for moving our helicopter around, but it much better than the lawn tractor that we used before.  


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